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I'm going to explain to you how my entire story changed. It started when i got on Iscribble, i met my best friend Akusa aka

She and I started role playing our characters, at first nothing was really happened. Her character Mike seemed to have no interest in Erin, but slowly as we rped the characters they actually grew to love each other and if you had watched it unfold you would have seen how fucking perfect they were. In the beginning there was really no BIG intention of getting them together, it literally just HAPPENED. like we couldn't control it. It sounds silly and weird but sometimes things are just like that. Denny was the same way too lol no intention of getting him with anyone then he met Alexis. And we all know that Denny is a sucker for strong women. He met lex and fell in love with her. Denny and Erin now have a sort of close brother sister bond. They do still love each other but not in the same way.

Erin and mike are kinda like, the prince and the knight lol or that's how i like to think of them. Mike is really refined and princely lol and Erin is rough and boyish. Their dynamic is so perfect. At times mike is girlier than she is. He picks on her and teases her (mostly because it's easy) but he loves her completely. Erin gets angry with him a lot, but i think mike brings out a really amazing part of erin. You see Mike went back to his home because he had heard that the girl he once loved was alive. Erin at this point was starting to fall for him but just ignored the feelings like she does usually. Then mike's brother told erin that he was in trouble, Erin then went to go save her prince! She hadn't accepted her feelings for him until Pete showed up and she realized she didn't love pete anymore and that she actually loved mike. mike had a bitch fit when pete tried to kiss erin. He ended up killing himself with his own power. Thankfully it just made him full vampire (forgot to mention he's a vampire) Erin found him sitting at his younger brothers grave, ran to him and kicked him in the face. Mike confessed to her and she finally just kissed him.

Denny and Lex are just fucking perfection in a bun. They are practically the same person with different genitals. They are both strong and stubborn (and manly lol) I think Denny brings out Lex's feminine side and lex deflates his huge ass fucking ego. They work based on understanding and trust. Denny also never left her side when she was sick and basically dying. ALSO they had a really dramatic break up and i literally could not draw denny unless he was upset or depressed. See what happened was Denny was away a lot because he had to work. So lex met another guy and she started to like him, mind you she didn't sleep with the guy but she told Denny that she couldn't be with him. As you can imagine Denny was fucking pissed as all hell. The thing that brought them was a little orphan girl that they took care of. She thought they were her parents and wanted them to be together. Lex realized that her feelings for this other guy were nothing and she could only ever love denny forever and ever. Denny came to her and proposed telling her that he wanted no one else but her.

This is the story of mike and erin and lex and denny. You have no idea how many people it upset when i told them. but the love between these guys is invincible. And i truly love it.


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I'm really not good at writing these uhh...I love fairy tail and i love rp. I love my oc's and i like to draw them a lot :T this isn't the best quality but whatevs

oh god...

i post more on tumblr than i do here just because it's a lot easier v_V

Thanks for visiting!


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